Canadian canoe for 3

Passengers 3 adults
Hight 34 cm
Length 5,5 m
Width 90 cm
Weight 30 kg
Materials spruce, pine, cotton
Price 1800 €

Our new canadian canoe for 3 adults is a large boat for traveling with lots of gear. It is very stable due to its smoothly rounded and 90 cm wide hull, yet very fast because of the minimal rocker and its “cutting edge” designed bow and stern. With 29 kg it's still quite a light weight for a 5,50 m long boat.

The elegant lines and beautiful contrast of materials make it quite a handsome canoe to look at, as all our models. It's perfect for longer camping or fishing trips with plenty of gear and a small family.

Contact us for building this fantastic skin on frame canoe in our boatbuilding workshop in Berlin.