Double Canooyak

Passengers  2
Height 27 cm
Length 5 m
Width 70 cm
Weight 19 kg
Materials spruce, pine, cotton
Price 1450 €

The new design! Our classic double seater is redesigned for more stability and space. It kept the speed and maneuverability from the old design, but became safer and more stable in rougher waters and waves.

For two adults the Double Canooyak is an elegant double seater that will give you a lot of joyful moments. With almost 5 m of waterline it will be faster than most of the boats you encounter on your trips. The Double is perfect for a tandem weekend trip or for nice daily trips on your favourite river or lake. You can also use it as a single seater, in which case it becomes a sturdy expeditioner with an amazing load capacity (150kg + yourself)!