Passagiere (max): 1
Höhe: 31 cm (Cockpit Mitte)
Länge: 5,10 m
Breite: 52 cm
Gewicht: 16 kg
Materialien: Fichte, Kiefer, Baumwolle
Preis: 1850 €

Ataqan is a very close interpretation of an Unangan Iqyax, meaning a type of kayak originating from Aleut islands. Its form and construction is very different from its Greenland cousins but it was used for the same purpose: hunting. Ataqan is therefore a very fast and surprisingly stable boat although it has an almost completely rounded cross section. It has a comfortable cockpit, typically high for this type of boat. Due to its rudder-like stern it tracks extremely well which makes it turn a bit harder. The ridged fore and aft deck makes for a very dry ride and provides much more volume for gear than an average Greenland see kayak which makes Ataqan a great touring boat for longer tours. A lot higher then its Greenland counterpart it still rolls with ease and due to its extreme rocker feels at home in big waves. The amazing surfing capabilities are one more feature of this unique looking, very elegant boat.

Ataqan means "one" in Aleut (Unangan) language.