Passengers 1
Height 24 cm (centre of cockpit)
Length 5,20 m
Width 54 cm
Weight 16 kg
Materials spruce, pine, cotton
Price 1650 €

This kayak is all, what a real kayak needs to be: very, very fast, easily manoeuvrable and it tracks steadily. You lean it a bit to the side and it carves a turn on its own. It’s very playful and fits to the body like a glove does to a hand. Its design is inspired by the true Greenland kayaks. It rolls with ease, although the deck behind the cockpit is a little higher than usual for a typical rolling kayak. As a boat with smaller volume it carries along less gear. However, you can stow in a small tent, a sleeping bag, a mattress and cooking gear, as well as provisions. On the deck, behind the cockpit, can be fitted a medium size dry bag. So, if you are a bit Spartan, it's perfect! The only thing missing are the seals to hunt...

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