Discovering Löcknitz!

By nikola

What a nice day in wild nature we had! Like always we started a little late from the workshop... This time the aim was to paddle the Löcknitz from Grünheide (at the lakes Werlsee and Petzsee) westwards (because the eastern part of the river is forbidden for boats). Two years ago we already had a beautiful day walk at this tiny river with lots of serpentines, and the fary tale-forest around we kept in very good memory! So off, we went!

Löcknitz 1Löcknitz 2UrbanIndian an der Löcknitz

At first sight we already realized, that this trip will be no leisurely paddling around, because this tiny creek packs a punch: small rapids, good current and first of all trees and bushes fallen over into the river, grow into it and look dangerously out of the water. Therefore mostly steering, steering, steering, manoeuvring, action, JUHUHUHU!!!!!!!!
After some hundred meters the first big trunk over the river: the original plan was to slip underneeth elegantly, but didn´t work out at all; alternative: boats out of the water, go around and in again!

Löcknitz 3Löcknitz 4Kanu - Löcknitz

Even without leaves like yesterday this swampy landscape with high willows, oak trees, maples and beeches looked wild and beautiful!

Although paddling only 10 km in total we were the whole time busy in observing the water current and look for under water branches to go around. In the beginning we were driving two times onto a half sunk tree trunk and could free ouselfs only in seesawing back and forth. During the trip we bettered our technique by taking a good run-up before these spots, to slide over smoothly, which worked out perfectly!

One spot, where the fallen branches and trunks were quite mounted up, forming a sort of natural dam where the current was stronger, we couldn´t make, because of realistic risk to just tip over (and the water is still very cold in spite of this sunny day), so we got off and used the break for lunching and a small UrbanIndian-photo-session! And in again!

Here a tranquil spot with catamaran-paddle-construction and chill out in the boat!

Kanus auf der LöcknitzLöcknitz 10Löcknitz 5

For this time that´s all! Go there and DIY! Best greetings from the river Löcknitz!
Your UrbanIndian in the swamp